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Valentina Lorè

I've studied as sound engineer for two years, getting both a diploma and a B.A. Hons. degree in Recording Arts. I worked as a trainee as a digital label manager assistant. After that I started working as a freelancer and developing my personal projects within the limulo.net incubator.

By collaborating and contributing to the Limulo project I've honed my skills and improved my knowledge in the live show management field. In addiction I've reinforced my theoretical knowledge with practical activities.

In order to strengthen my IT competences, I've attended a degree course in Computer Science at Università Statale in Milan.

The fields in which I'm mostly skilled are multimedia and interactive art, music industry, programming. I'm well versed in multimedia and interactive arts, music industry, video and sound editing, programming.

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Nicola Ariutti

I’m a sound designer and a sound editor with experience in creating brand new sounds for cartoons, videos, commercials, videogames and interactive multimedia applications.

I worked as a sound designer and studio engineer on several animation videos, such as “OTTO”, a stop-motion clip which won several prizes and received special mentions in different animation festivals and competitions.

I’m a musician too, so I’m able to combine strong technical knowledge with creativity and artistic sensitivity.

Being passionate about software development, I often create my own sound design tools and I eventually release them through my web site limulo.net, in compliancy with free software licenses.

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