Monichromitorand Monichromitor Sound Module are respectively a Processing sketch and a PureData patch created to simulate a computer automatically writing on a monochrome monitor.

Monichromitor gives you the possibility to have this virtual computer printing any text on the screen according to what you put inside a script file.

You can also use special script commands inside this file to make the computer do special operations like cleaning the screen or waiting in idle mode for some time.

While the Processing sketch provides the visual representation of the virtual monochrome monitor, PureData, receiving OSC messages from Processing, handles the corresponding sound synthesis.

monichromitor working principle pt1

You can find more information on the User Manual included with the software. You can download it from the link below.

Natron logo

We have included a Natron session file to be used with Natron, a powerful multiplatform free and open-source compositing software. This session is the project we have used to render the video file you’ve seen at the beginning of this article.

natron input

Input: the output image from the Processing sketch is used as Natron input.

natron output

Output: this is the final output image from Natron.


GitHub Octocat

You can download the entire Monichromitor project from our GitHub repo here



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