Zen Game is a relaxing application based on sound and text generation. In fact it’s our first experiment with the procedural creation of both sound and text.

Let’s give it a try: here’s the link you can follow to play with it! Here’s the GitHub repository where you can find and examine the code.

The goal of the application is having the wise old man telling you a zen story or saying a zen maxim, while in the background a gentle musical phrasing is playing.


We primarily developed the application as a way to experiment with generative content. The text is procedurally created every time the user clicks on the image of the wise man. The music is algorithmically generated in real time.

To develop the sound for the application we used Tone.js, a javascript library that provides some tools to generate and to manage sounds. The text is created using Tracery.js, a tool by Kate Compton (@GalaxyKate) that allows the use of context-free grammars as means for generate text or other content that can be represented on a web page.

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